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From choosing local goods over packaged imports to carrying reusable water bottles and bags, there are many ways in which we all can contribute to make our holidays greener and – ultimately – help create better places to live in, and better places to visit.

Make Holidays Greener #MHG19

In this year’s annual Make Holidays Greener campaign, ABTA, in partnership with Travelife for Accommodation, follow on from last year’s ‘say no to plastic’ theme and continue to address the use of plastic along with waste management, including food waste, from a broader perspective.

There are many things we all can do to reduce our environmental footprint before, during and after we’ve been on on holiday. Image source: ABTA/Make Holidays Greener.

The Make Holidays Greener sustainability campaign is aiming to encourage both holidaymakers and the industry to take positive social and environmental action. You can make a pledge between 5 June and 30 September 2019 to enter a prize draw to win a carry-on bag by sustainability leaders Patagonia. There are many pledges to choose from, and you can also create your own pledge that is special to your specific holiday and travel plans.

Reducing disposable plastic water bottle waste

Aiming to cut down on the millions of plastic water bottles discarded each year, reusable aluminium bottles can be refilled free of charge at designated refill stations across Siem Reap and Cambodia at participating hotels, restaurants, cafés, tour operators, NGOs, hospitals, schools and other organisations.

Refill Not Landfill bottle
Reusable aluminium bottles can be refilled free of charge at designated refill stations across Siem Reap and Cambodia.

Go local, buy local, eat local

Visiting local shops and markets, and eating in local restaurants are great ways to support the local economy when travelling. Not only does fresh local produce taste good, but it helps support local businesses in places where you are visiting.

Eating at a local food stall is not only tasty, but gives you the chance to meet with local people and adds to the overall travel experience.

Whether it’s Bai Sach Chrouk on one of our early morning cycle rides in the Cambodian countryside or Bánh Mì from a street stall in Vietnam, we love exploring local food and local restaurants when we travel. Tag a friend who would also like to make a green pledge to eat locally on holiday with you.

Make Holidays Greener is ABTA’s annual sustainability campaign campaign – in partnership with Travelife for Accommodation – to encourage holidaymakers and the industry to create better places to live in, and better places to visit. For more information and a chance to be entered into a prize draw, do visit to make your own pledge.

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