Fuelled by a passion for responsible travel and flavoured by the rich and varied history and culture of the Mekong region, Mekong Experiences consists of a small but dedicated team of responsible travel professionals with years of hands-on experience from the tourism and hospitality sector. With a few passport stamps of their own, they have a balanced view of what works well for travellers and what doesn’t, and put great focus on responsible travel, tourism and hospitality practices with the aim to help develop, communicate and promote responsible travel products. Working with a range of travel agents, tour operators and accommodation providers in the UK and beyond, they are also perfectly placed to help travellers to find unique, authentic travel experiences.

  • Responsible Tourism is about making places better for people to live and for people to visit.–The Cape Town Declaration (2002)

  • We enjoy working with businesses to become more sustainable and, ultimately, increase the triple bottom line figures.–Jo Hansen

  • Tourism is like fire – you can cook your dinner on it, but if you are not careful it will burn your house down.–Asian saying

  • We thrive on helping travellers finding unique travel experiences that also give something back to the places they are visiting.–Thomas Holdo Hansen

Communicating Responsible Tourism and Hospitality

After having worked with accommodation providers, restaurants, travel agents, tour operators, local community projects and different development organisations at different levels in the UK, Australia and Southeast Asia, it has become apparent many business already do or want to ‘do something’, but don’t know where to start or how to communicate their efforts to a wider audience. [Read more…]