Volunteering, environment, plastic-free, green and responsible travel

Many people want to do good when they travel. In some cases, however, well-meaning travellers can do more harm than good – even with the best of intentions. Therefore, we have compiled a selection of books about volunteering abroad, eco-tourism, green, meaningful, sustainable and responsible travel.

Volunteering and Responsible Travel
Plastic free travel

Say NO to plastic
Rubbish, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet

Culture, history, food, travel guides and destination related reading

Rich in culture, history and natural beauty, the Mekong region has a lot to offer. We find reading up a little bit on the destination before you go can enhance the overall travel experience. We also love the food in the region and have selected a range of books filled with authentic family recipes, travelogues, stories and a fascinating journey into some of the relatively undiscovered, but yet delicious cuisines of the Mekong region.

Mesmerising Myanmar (Burma)
Khmer Food and Cambodian Cooking
Vietnamese food
Amazing Thailand
Southeast Asian Street Food
Flavours of Burma
Captivating Cambodia
Bustling Vietnam
Inspiring Laos
Essential China

Travel gadgets, gizmos, gear, luggage, bags and clothing

From universal reusable water bottles, world travel adapters and luggage scales to carry-on luggage, dry-sacks and packing cubes, we have selected some of the travel gear we find useful when we travel.

Travel gadgets and gizmos
Travel luggage and bags
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