Social Media Management

Long gone are the days where ‘Social Media’ was something only a selected few were involved with. With Facebook boasting an impressive average of 2.07 billion monthly active users (Facebook, September 2017) and Twitter with 330 million monthly active users and more than 500 million tweets sent per day (Twitter, September 2017), there is little doubt that there is great potential in managing your social media channels properly. Building your audience can be a hard business, though, and knowing which social media applications ‘do what’ and ‘who for’ is also something we can help advise you in.

Communicating your sustainability credentials

We can help you build a targeted audience with key messaging and market strategy and we can help you write those blog posts, Tweets and Facebook messages and assist in different ways of getting those key messages across to your target audience.

Our services include:
  • Social media packages with daily or weekly tweets
  • Facebook management
  • Blogging and writing blogs based on your content or re-wording yours to suit your audience
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Everything we do is tailor made to suit you, and we’re happy to talk through exactly what your needs are to work out a timescale and budget before rushing in to get the job done.

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